WWII Globe

Interaction Design, UX/UI Design, Web Development



The WWII Globe is an experience for users to explore the events during World War Two. This allows users to learn more about historical events during that time through interaction with a 3D Earth.

With WebGL Globe, which is created by Google Data Arts Team, the experience visualise latitude and longitude based information. The project was based on the twitter account of “WWII Tweets from 1939” created by Alwyn Collinson, which tweets the events happened across the WWII period. By rotating the globe and navigate across the timeline, the experience visualises the events with locations and time. Users can gain insight into the historical events that change the world.



We use the twitter API to get the real-time data of the tweets, the location and the time of the events happened from “WWII Tweets from 1939”.

Information we mapped out for the users includes the tweets, the location from the globe and the time. We made the navigation as a curve timeline so users can scroll through the events spanning in 7 years.



When entering the site, users are shown with a landing page where the 3D globe and textures are loaded. Full page video background and soundtrack is made to engage users.

Users then enter the site and showing instructions of navigation.

The curved timeline can be scrolled through easier for navigating events.

You can visit the site here