Moon Landings




It is a web experience to explore the moon landings in Apollo missions. It presents the information and data through a 3D moon and users can learn more about moon landings missions between 1969 to 1972.


The Loading Page

The loading page is where 3D geometry and textures of the moon are loaded.


The Moon

The moon is rendered with WebGL. We created a glow effect around the moon and mapped it with a bump map, normal map and displacement map to give realistic textures to the moon.


Layout for each landing

Each location represents each moon landing mission. It will lead users to the details showing the latitude and longitude of the location, then the mission name, description, the duration, the crew members and galleries of views from the landing.

The site gains users’ interests by presenting the moon in a high-quality 3D render and presenting the information clearly.

You can visit the site here