Mission Control


An interactive web experience to allow users to explore the mission control room during the Apollo space program. It is made for the documentary Mission Control, the Unsung Heroes of Apollo. The experience is designed to tell the story of the people behind the Apollo space program. By exploring the isometric map, users can gain insight into the roles in the mission control team.



We used PixiJS to build the experience, which is a javascript framework making use of WebGL technology. It renders 2D content quickly and efficiently on the browser and we are able to apply different effects like noise and blur filter.

People who are interested in the history of human space flight history. It is an interactive way for them to learn more about the details of the mission control room of the Apollo missions.



When the user enters the site, they will be shown with a loading page and instruction of interaction of the floor plan.



The users would be guided through annotations to look for information about different roles. They can zoom in/out into the page and look into the details. The annotation on the right top would show users the whole map and where they are at. When they click onto the tooltips, the information would show up on the right sidebar which includes illustrations of the console, the name of the role in the mission control room, the description of the role and images related to the role. Users can close the sidebar to further explore other roles.




I drew an illustration from a floor plan of the mission control room from NASA and exported the graphic elements to use in PixiJS so that the elements are interactive.




You can visit the site here