Census One



Census One is an experience to celebrate the Star Wars movie Rogue One. It is also an R&D project for FX Digital to showcase how to leverage the technology of WebGL to create an immersive storytelling experience.



We looked at how movies are engaged with their fans and movie lovers. What sort of information they would like to learn more. We found that people are interested in how others review on the movie. We also found that social media is where people found most of the reviews.

The experience is made for people who love Star Wars movies.

It is also made for people who are curious about WebGL technology.



The experience gathered tweets hashtagged #RogueOne and users can view the commentary by interacting with the particles. The experience allows Star Wars fans to engage with each other and share their views. 

When hovered onto the particles, tweets would reveal.


Prototype with models from Star Wars movies.

Prototype with Tie Fighter with a different colour tone.

Test with Walker.

These series of experience greatly improve the final result of the optimal numbers of particles to show the actual tweets. It is to ensure the density of the model is optimised for the users to reveal the tweets.



The 3D model

The model is made in Cinema 4D and exported as obj file to Three JS. The vertices of the models represent each comment and generate particles on each vertex. Users can zoom into the model and hover on the particles to view and navigate through the tweets easily.



A lot of 3D experience is slow in loading up because of the size of a 3D model. We optimised the experience by simplifying the model on mobile. Reducing the vertices of the models improved the performance of the site.